Photographer / Painter

Adolescent, the painter INIS makes me discover the oil painting in his studio in St Jean de Maurienne in Savoie. Later I leave to Lyon to follow a training of typographer, I also discover the photography with a friend who is a professional, I often walk in the modern district of La Part-Dieu; I like the framing effects while playing with architecture. A few years later I moved to Grenoble where I met the painter TRISTAN, with him I will learn the trompe-l'oeil, discover the technique of drawing in pencil, learn to watch, observe. As far as I can remember, I have always loved travelers, explorers, adventurers ... I like the word travel, trip next door, in France or in the world ... Painting, photographing is also taking with you an instant of this journey ... I like to make images in macro photography and high speed photo, it's aesthetic and it allows to show what one can not or hardly see with the naked eye.

As far as I can remember, I always enjoyed traveling...
Jacques Rochet